Video Recording

  • We shoot short-form social media marketing videos, music videos, interviews, gigs, tour, theatre, docu.
  • We use industry standard software and hardware to deliver the highest quality possible.
  • We deliver content in different resolutions and formats on demand (Social media (story, post), YouTube,…).
  • You can obtain all uncut footage.
  • Combine our other video services to make your video stand out. Video editing, Sound design and Music licensing.

Every idea and project has different needs, contact us as prices are variable.

Contact us for custom video recording orders.

High quality social media content results in more conversions.

Our professional video recording service is designed to capture high-quality video of your music video, interview, gig, tour, theatre, docu and short-form social media marketing videos. We use industry-standard equipment and techniques to ensure that your project is captured in stunning detail.

If you choose our video recording service you can multiply your video content output and grow your business exponentially. High quality social media content results in more views, increase in watch-time and conversions. Instead of editing content yourself or spending lots of time and money on apps and software, let us free your schedule so you can work on your business, knowing that video recording and editing is taken care of by professionals.

We understand that each project is different and unique, which is why we take the time to understand your creative vision, and work closely with you to create a personalized and customized experience that meets your specific needs and requirements. We’re passionate about storytelling and capturing the beauty of the moment, and are committed to bringing your vision to life through our video recording service. Let us help you tell your story, and create a lasting memory of your special moments.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.