Sound Design

  • Professional custom HQ sound design.
  • We deliver high quality audio mixed and mastered, ready to use.
  • Exclusive license for commercial use.
  • We deliver WAV file.

Every idea and project has different needs, contact us as prices are variable.

Contact us for custom sound design orders.

Enhance your story with custom sound design

Custom sound is all about authenticity. In today’s world, sound plays a significant role in the way we perceive and consume motion picture. Whether it’s the discomfort of a silence or the thrill of a thunderstorm. To make a scene feel right it has to sound right. Hearing is believing.

Bring your video projects to life.

Our sound design service is dedicated to bringing your video projects to life by enhancing the audio experience. We will work closely with you to understand your specific needs, create a personalized solution, and deliver high-quality results that exceed your expectations.

Whether you are looking to improve the overall sound quality, add unique sound effects, or create an impactful soundtrack, we have the skills and expertise.

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In addition we also offer music licensing to provide a hassle-free and legal way for you to use our music in your projects and music production if you want your content to be recognizable with a personalised brand soundtrack.