Music Production

  • Professional custom HQ music production.
  • Custom soundscape production (supporting background music).
  • We use industry standard software and hardware to deliver the highest quality possible.
  • We deliver your track mixed and mastered, ready to use.
  • Exclusive license for commercial use.
  • We deliver WAV + MP3 (320kbps) file.

Every idea and project has different needs, contact us as prices are variable.

Contact us for custom music production orders.

Delivery time: 1 to 4 weeks.

Finding the perfect song can be difficult.

The only way to stand out is with a sound that is unique to you. Have something specific in mind? Tell us what you are dreaming of and we make you a personalised custom made music production or soundscape that truly enhances the emotional impact of your story.

Our music production service will help you create music from scratch or take your existing tracks to the next level. We will work closely with you to achieve the sound you are looking for. We make custom music productions for artists, brands, tv, film, radio and video games.

Custom made soundscapes.

We can also make custom soundscapes for web series, podcasts, exhibitions, events, theatre and much more. This type of music is designed to support and enhance the visual and emotional elements of a production, and is often created specifically for the project. The role of soundscapes or background music is to set the mood, provide emotional depth, and help guide the audience through the story being told.

Contact us for more info.

Check our Music Licensing service as this is a faster and lower cost service and it offers you finished tracks ready to use for your projects today. We can help you find the perfect sound for your brand, film, video game, podcast, or other creative projects.